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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
2728 javamail other shannon CLOS WONT test bug kenai 2012-04-02
4579 javamail smtp shannon CLOS WONT Work with servers which response "235 auth failure" 2012-04-02
189 javamail other shannon CLOS INVA How to access source code 2012-04-02
3983 javamail imap shannon CLOS INVA IMAPMessage.loadEnvelope() may hang on certain IMAP servers 2012-04-02
6772 javamail smtp shannon CLOS FIXE write timeouts don't work with a custom SSL socket factory 2015-04-17
4002 javamail other shannon CLOS FIXE com.sun.mail.dsn.MultipartReport.setReport and setDeliveryStatus are broken 2012-04-02
4581 javamail imap shannon CLOS INVA Some messages are marked as read after getting their content 2012-04-02
4448 javamail internet shannon CLOS INVA Directory traversal vulnerability in MimeBodyPart.getFileName(): CVE-2005-1105 2012-04-02
6069 javamail internet shannon RESO FIXE MimeMultipart should throw ParseException for parsing errors 2016-11-22
6161 javamail generic shannon CLOS FIXE require extra permission to create the default Session with SecurityManager 2013-11-25
5830 javamail imap shannon CLOS FIXE IMAPProtocol.sasllogin uses old constructor for IMAPSaslAuthenticator 2013-04-22
6330 javamail internet shannon CLOS DUPL java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: javax.mail.internet.MimeBodyPart$MimePartDataHandler 2014-03-18
6755 javamail imap shannon CLOS FIXE EXPUNGE response during UID FETCH breaks UID->seqnum mapping 2015-04-17
8621 javamail smtp shannon RESO INVA getPlainContent() return text/plain attachment when the Message has no plain content but has attachments of type text/plain 2016-12-17
6638 javamail internet shannon CLOS FIXE attachment filenames aren't being encoded by default 2015-04-17
5829 javamail imap shannon CLOS FIXE NullPointerException when accessing the content of a message/rfc822 attachment 2017-02-11
6467 javamail pop3 shannon RESO INVA Garbage characters are shown in subject line. 2015-01-29
6662 javamail smtp shannon RESO WORK When used attachments with long name while sending email adds redundant filename header 2015-04-03
7051 javamail gimap shannon RESO WORK GmailMessage extensions are not cached by Protocol.notifyResponseHandlers 2015-11-02
7238 javamail gimap shannon CLOS FIXE unsolicited FETCH response *must* invalidate X-GM-LABELS in cache 2016-08-16
7090 javamail gimap shannon CLOS FIXE off-by-1 error in Response.readStringList causes early termination of parsing FETCH response 2016-01-23
6365 javamail internet shannon CLOS FIXE Broken equals in URLName, NewsAddress 2014-05-20
7371 javamail imap shannon RESO FIXE IMAP doesn't handle illegal CAPABILITY response after LOGIN/AUTHENTICATE 2016-09-10
5816 javamail other shannon CLOS FIXE Issue in decoding filename with charset iso-2022-jp from Mime header based on rfc 2231 2013-03-02
8405 javamail mbox shannon RESO FIXE MboxFolder.expunge can corrupt mailbox file 2016-08-26
25 bugs found.
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