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add top particpation equity widgets

Created: 05/Nov/09 10:30 PM   Updated: 15/Feb/10 10:26 AM   Resolved: 22/Jan/10 03:36 PM
Component/s: CEQ Core
Affects Version/s: Milestone 1.3
Fix Version/s: Milestone 1.3

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add Equity Flag to existing top people, top information, top country* widget

set.equity=contribution (default), participation, total**

  • need to check if we have PQ values for countries
    • total is contribution+participation

thbruhin added a comment - 11/Dec/09 03:33 PM

i don't unterstand ths issue

thbruhin added a comment - 11/Dec/09 03:47 PM

do you mean: add posiblitiy in the widget to order by 'cq', 'pq' or 'total (cq+pq)' ? The pq values are only for order (not shown in widget)?

PRE added a comment - 15/Dec/09 07:33 PM

yes - order by

thbruhin added a comment - 18/Dec/09 08:47 AM

getPersonPq method (in PersonServiceImpl) is empty (marked as todo). Adaption in backend is needed.

thbruhin added a comment - 23/Dec/09 09:44 AM

order by cq, pq and total (cq+pq) question:

  • TopPerson:
    If order by cq, then I have to order by person_cq.
    What I have to do, if order by cq and filtering with a tag (person_tag_ceq has no cq field) ?
    Do I have to take tq instead of cq?
  • The same problem for TopCountry.
  • For TopInformation:
    There is no cq value. Do I have to take iq instead of cq?

DmitryRyashchentsev added a comment - 11/Jan/10 01:40 PM

We maybe need to split this ticket.

1.Top people participators means:
person.PERSON_ID = person_ceq.PERSON_ID
order by person_ceq.PERSON_PQ

Top people contributors:
person.PERSON_ID = person_ceq.PERSON_ID
order by person_ceq.PERSON_CQ

2. Top countries - the same with COUNTRY_CEQ table

3. For information we have PQ (Participation Equity) and IQ (Information Equity). We count that people CQ(contribution equity) is sum of his infos IQs, i.e. IQ is related to CQ.

thbruhin added a comment - 19/Jan/10 03:48 PM

But, what I have to do, when filtering for a Tag?

------- no tag:
Person participation value =
person_ceq.PERSON_PQ where
person.PERSON_ID = person_ceq.PERSON_ID

Person contribution value =
person_ceq.PERSON_CQ where
person.PERSON_ID = person_ceq.PERSON_ID

------- filtering with a tag:
Person participation value =
where person.PERSON_ID = person_tag_ceq.AUTHOR_ID
group by PERSON_ID

Person contribution value =
where person.PERSON_ID = person_tag_ceq.AUTHOR_ID
group by PERSON_ID

Is this correct?

DmitryRyashchentsev added a comment - 20/Jan/10 03:34 PM

Yes. Correct.

thbruhin added a comment - 22/Jan/10 03:36 PM

Done for Top people

PRE added a comment - 15/Feb/10 10:26 AM

closed all ticket for Milestone Release 1.3