Bridge from servlet API to Rack

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  • Improvement JRUBY_RACK-25 LoadOnFirstRequestApplicationFactory for environments with slow spin-up
  • Bug JRUBY_RACK-11 Rack destroys JSON data in POST request body
  • Bug JRUBY_RACK-37 url paths with %20 in place of space results in space " " in rails request env['PATH_INFO'] and bad path for rails routes lookup

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  • Bug JRUBY_RACK-36 25/Feb/11 SSL not working with Rails 3
  • Bug JRUBY_RACK-30 11/Feb/11 RackInitializationException: no such file to load - Exception when using jruby-rack with all Jetty versions greater than 7.0.1
  • Bug JRUBY_RACK-39 11/Feb/11 Public folder listing is displayed instead of Welcome page. Map.root is not observed

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