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(Member Since 2011)
Observer Bruce's Development Sandbox
Bruce Schubert
(Member Since 2009)
Administrator Android plugin for NetBeans, BeanInfo Annotations, Bruce's Development Sandbox, Campbell Prediction System (, Emergency Management Expert Systems, ForceTen, Google Earth Hacks for Java, JB's World, JEOTRANS - Java port of GEOTRANS, JSciVision, Java EE Patterns And Best Practices, Java Scientific Library, Kenai APIs, National Fire Danger Rating System, NetBeans OpenGL Pack, NetBeans support for Google App Engine, Open Street Map Viewer, Prescribed Fire Behavior Prediction, Project In-Pieces, Simple Validation, Software Quality Environment, TheMusicCreator, Twitter API ME, Units of Measurement API, Viewport Geospatial Tracking Framework, VisAD, Volume Viewer worldwind, visad, weka, cps, campbell-prediction-system, wildland-fire, fire-behavior, data-mining, machine-learning, jogl, java, netbeans, c++, music