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1. Proposal
2. LifestyleFeatures
3. GlassFishServer
4. JavaFx

There will be a workshop for source code repository in kenai

Time: 9am - 10am, 22 May 2009, Friday

Venue: IT2-2-53 (your JIVE Lab)

Updates here!

1-Jun-2009 Hi, guys. Remember to setup your "new" Kenai project with the naming standard (as required in the project kenai guideline released in SUN JIVE 2009). Also remember to add judges into hte member list, give them the proper permission to check your source code.

Then check in your code before 7-Jun-09, the deadline of code submission.


Script File Updated! Activity Table has been updated. CURRENT_TIMESTAMP used on TimeCreated instead of StartTimestamp.


Database Design and Script File Updated! Version 2 released!! Note that some table's name has been changed!!! (i.e. msgattachment, group, and groupmember)


Database Design and Script File Updated! Version 1 released..


Here are the list of important features.
1) Dashboard to show user's health portfolio
2) Mobile version + alert calendar which to display notification and mark attendance
3) Event joining
4) Point System(includes ranking of buddy list) - rewarding system
5) Administrator to promote events and provide training and broadcast event
6) Mix-match system

Here are the Good to have features.
1) Health quiz - reward point
2) SMS service
3)Verify checking of events(Base on community check)


DAO methods posted here for easy reference

ActivityDAO getPrimaryKey getActivityInfo checkExistingEntry createActivity updateActivity deleteActivity

ParticipationDAO getPrimaryKey getUserParticipationInfo getParticipationList checkExistingEntry addParticipation deleteParticipation deleteAllParticipation

RewardDAO getRewardInfo getRewardList getRewardPointsNeeded getUserRewardPoints getUserAccumulatedPoints addUserRewardPoints addUserAccumulatedPoints deductUserRewardPoints deductUserAccumulatedPoints claimReward

JIVE Requirement

Project: Change Tomorrow

Address the key issues that country/business/industry faced today
Cutting-edge Technology: Java, JavaFx, GlassFish
Innovation, Participate Age, Growth

When I search the keywords: Problem Faced by Industry", get a lot of articles.

But one recent article on newspaper draw my attention:

the car insurance industry encouter huge lose - I personally feel it is because of the barrier of information between car owner, workshop and insurance company. that gives the grey area that 'allows' something to happen. --- maybe we can do something about this? :)

The other problems identified that related to what we discussed: Employee's health problem faced by Industry / Business - health campain in Singapore

Think about this when drafting the proposal

Meeting over. Below are the things that have been discuss.

Topic Findings
Motivation -Have a ranking system
-Reach a rank will be awarded
-Leader will have commission
-Rewards sponsored
-Have sport event, activity and champaign [Adrian]We know the idea of the point system to decide the winning event. I have a suggestion from a friend to let the community vote for their favourite event. E.g everyone is entitled with one point to vote each month. Point will not accumulate to next month. They may not vote for event they have joined but only other event that they are not involved in. Everyone can only vote once so they need to be wise about choosing their winner. I have a doubt about the winning event team, if there are lets say 60 participant. Are the sponsorer going to reward the event organizer only or everyone? It would certainly be more motivating if everyone can be rewarded together. And the event organizer get abit more to motivate him to plan a more successful event. Putting that aside, just a scenario to think of to ask ourself, what would motivate a sponsorer be 'willing and wanting' to sponsor us. If we can be an attracting advertising platform, perhaps we can have more than one sponsorer.
Verification -Set of random question with random answer
-Upload photos
-Have "hidden" member to take note of member [DavidWang] Not hidden, but a special role such as Segent-At-Arms, to take charge of this
Engage people to have work - life harmony -Discipline

I see more and more ideas coming out, Keep the momentum ON! - DavidWang

Before we meet again on Thursday 4-6pm, here are some suggestions:

1) In the proposal, focus on the higl level - what is the product, the uniqueness of the product. the value add features that diff us from others like facebook or linkedin.

[Adrian] has been discussed before, just need to recall and phrase it properly. Discuss today

2) Put a VISION on your product. or at least a Slogan to highlight your product's uniqueness.

[Adrian]suggestion... my idea is it should be related to promoting healthy lifestyle, more friends etc so.. We're more than just a social network, Providers of the social network, We're a family. K just some random ideas, if you think you have better ideas just share, don't need to think of a perfect slogan cuz who knows, your idea might trigger us something interesting.

3) The product you are looking at have "participate age" and "growth" factor, but to have the "Innovation" factor, either the idea have some "wow" factor, or use "cutting-edge" technology in an innovation way.

See you on Thursday

Your team start using WIKI for collaboration. Good Work! - Mr. David