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BetterBeansBinding is a library for implementing property binding with Java objects. "Property binding" is about keeping two properties of two object instances in sync. BBB is a fork of the BeansBinding project, which provides the reference implementation for the JSR-295 specification.

BetterBeansBinding is released under LGPL 2.1.


Why a fork?

As per March 2009, the latest known release for BeansBinding is 1.2.1, published in November 2007; at the beginning of 2009 the only developer of the original library has left Sun and there have been no replacements; the JSR-295 specification itself is marked as inactive. BeansBinding works well for many users, not for others using some of the more advanced features; there are pending issues that nobody is working on. Thus, some people think that a fork of the project is needed to keep the features alive.

Which is the relationship with the original BeansBinding project? And JSR-295?

In the preliminary discussions about the fork, many people expressed the desire for enhancing the library with new features. BBB is open to innovation; nevertheless, we will keep it compatible with JSR-295, so it will be possible to use it as a drop-in replacement for the original BeansBinding project. Of course, pending bugs will be fixed in function of the availability of the new committers.

Get in touch

The following facilities are available for people willing to get and stay in touch with the project:

  • The News and Announcements forum is a read-only forum (posting allowed only to the administrator) where public news about the project status are periodically posted; for instance, when a milestone is reached or a new release is available. The RSS feed of the forum is probably the easiest way to keep in touch with the project.
  • The Users Mailing list is for people using BetterBeansBinding in their own project. This mailing list can be used to search for help, discuss the APIs, as well as for preliminary discussions about bugs and requests for enhancement.
  • The Developers Mailing list must be subscribed by all the code committers of the project. It's where the preliminary, strategic-level discussions about the evolution of the project occur.
  • The Issue tracker is the place where issues and requests for enhancement should be filed, once people has a clear idea about what is going to submit. The forum-like structure of the issue tracker must also be used for communicating details about the work in progress relative to each issue, as well as to define, assign and track tasks; it is also used to plan the roadmap of the project.
  • The WhiteBoards are a place were active participants to the project can sketch their own idea about BetterBeansBinding. Access to whiteboards is not strictly restricted to code committers, but can be given also to people with a deeper-than-average interest on the project, in case they need a place to sketch out their ideas with a structured document. To get a whiteboard you need to ask the "content developer" role for this project.

Use in a Maven project

To use BBB in your Maven project, add the following things to your pom.xml:


where, of couse, **** must be replaced with the desired version.


The governance model for BetterBeansBinding is to be defined.

Interesting stuff

Software Factory

Similar projects doing beans binding.

  • Mysql
  • Glassfish
  • Jruby
  • Rails
  • Nblogo
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