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Software Factory

To build BetterBeansBinding the following pieces of software are needed:

  • JDK 5 or 6
  • Mercurial 1.3 or later
  • Maven 3.0.2. of later

You can build BBB either with the command line or within an IDE (see below for details). Instructions on Maven use can be found at Maven: The Definitive Guide

Continous Integration

The Continuous Integration is run by Hudson at Two jobs are dedicated to BBB:

  • The Nightly Build runs the most of tests and static analysis tools; it is run once per day at 00:00 CET and collects statistics about the history of the project.
  • The normal build is executed every 5 minutes and does not collect any statistics; it should be used for testing new configurations of Hudson that could break a build, before applying them to the Nightly Build.

Quality metrics are delivered by Cobertura, FindBugs, PMD and CheckStyle.

API documentation

JavaDocs are automatically generated at each build and are available here:

Primary Maven goals

The most commonly use Maven goals are described below:

Goal Description
mvn cleanCleans any deliverable.
mvn installCreates all deliverables and runs tests.
mvn install -Dmaven.test.skip=trueCreates all deliverables.
mvn javadoc:javadocCreates the javadocs.
mvn findbugs:findbugsRuns the FingBugs static code analyzer and produces a report.
mvn cobertura:coberturaRuns the tests and produces a coverage report.


Testing relies upon JUnit 4 and Mockito.


SigTest is the facility for making sure that BBB sticks with the e original BeansBinding API. At the moment this facility is driven by Ant: run "ant sigtest" to check the API consistency. In future this operation will be mavenized as well.

Working with an IDE

This project uses Mercurial to manage its source code. The repository URL can be found at

NetBeans 6.7

With NetBeans 6.7 things are easier since there's explicit Kenai support.

  • Choose the menu "Team / Kenai / Get Sources from Kenai...".
  • In the "Kenai Repository" row, press "Browse".
  • Enter "betterbeansbinding" in the search box (case is not important) and press "Search".
  • After a short delay you should see the "BetterBeansBinding" project in the list. Select it and press "Ok".
  • Select the repository whose URL is
  • Select the "Local Folder" in your disk. Press "Get from Kenai".
  • After the clone is completed, a popup appears asking if you want top open the project. Press "Open Project..." and select the project "BetterBeansBinding (pom)"; also check "Open Required" and confirm.

Eclipse 3.5

We recommend Maven2 Plugin (see installation notes) and Mercurial Plugin.

  • Download project: open new project wizard (File / New / Project or CTRL + N) and choose Mercurial / Clone repository using MercurialEclipse. Press Next and enter the URL of the repository location and press "Finish". Wait until the clone of the repository terminates.
  • Import project as a Maven Project: File / Import / General / Maven Projects, press Next and as Root Directory choose entire workspace or the newly created project directory (betterbeansbinding), add project to a new working set if you prefer, press Finish.
  • The project is imported. Enjoy!


IntelliJ Idea

WARNING: the information below is not updated, it still refers to the old Subversion repository.

  • Select "New Project"
  • Select "Import Project from external model"
  • Select "Maven"
  • Select the root directory of BBB (.../trunk/src)
  • An item should appear in the list "Select Maven projects to import"; select it.
  • Mysql
  • Glassfish
  • Jruby
  • Rails
  • Nblogo
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