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(Member Since 2016)
Observer -<(O.o)>- here, -=aCodeGen=- plug parser, get Compiler, /Meccua, 3-D game engine, 77 Inteligent ads system, 8box_swing_desktop, ?????????----?????????, A MOBILE CASH ENABLED E-COMMERCE SYSTEM, A Media Organization CMS, A Network Portal for Healthy Lifestyle, A Simple Address Book using Tapestry5, A Simple PHP Framework, A Social Experimental Project, A Tool for Batch File Analysis, A database exercise for personal records, A home inventory application, A logbook for motorbikes, A new blog system, withe oophp, A shooting game powered by python, A simple test project for kenai, A small, fast Java ME twitter client, A toolkit for small simple java games, A-CMS, ABK SiteHoster, AHSTSA Development, AOP Swing Security, Abhishek Java Library, Acro Game, ActiveRecord JDBC, Adempiere LVE 361, Aeronautical project, Agi on Rails, AndREight-Puzzle, Anicetus - Telemetry for Management, Animalia, Appliweb Web-Based IDE, Appointment System - NAM, BLIP: AVR<->AVR<->PC Comms Protocol, Better Swing Application Framework, BigConsole, Blangkon Book Store, Bpmn and Xpdl editor, Cheap Fare Guru, Chess Game Project for Java beginners, Cloud Computing, [PHP] - RCT, asu for insurance agent, axis2framework, bbmmo 3d, ajax, android, application, c, c#, c++, cloud, cms, css, database, desktop, editor, ejb, erp, framework, game, games, glassfish, grails, hibernate, html, j2ee, j2me, java, javaee, javafx, javame, javascript, javase, jee, jpa, jquery, jruby, jsf, jsp, learning, library, linux, management, maven, mobile, music, mvc, mysql, netbeans, netbeans-platform, network, online, opensource, php, php5, plugin, project, python, ruby, security, server, service, social, spring, swing, system, test, testing, twitter, web, web2.0, webapp, xml
(Member Since 2016)
Observer 77 Inteligent ads system, A DISTRIBUTED ONLINE STAGING SYSTEM, A MOBILE CASH ENABLED E-COMMERCE SYSTEM, A Tool for Batch File Analysis, A logbook for motorbikes, A project manager for freelancers, A small, fast Java ME twitter client, ABK SiteHoster, AIOTrade, AIT's-ERP and Dispatch manager!, ALMS - (A) Learning Management System, Accounting System, ActivityLogger, Aeronautical project, AgentSpeak Skirmish AI for Spring, Agents software factory agents oriented, Ailesse - The Travellers, Alam Portal, Alice, Alice 2, AllHngry.COM - Restaurant Management, Alpaca - Event Registration System, Always on Top Toggle Button, Ami: Social Networking for Tomorrow, Android plugin for NetBeans, Anicetus - Telemetry for Management, Apache HTTP Traffic Monitor, AppSuite, Application On, Argos Monitor, BigConsole, CDR files parser which is work with DB, CloudTable, DES : Distributed Environment Simulator, DHIS2 - Community-Based Health System, Files Monitor, Full Control Monitoring System, HAR: Hardware Activity Reporter, HC HTML-to-C micro-framework, HP Inventory System, Hadoop Agent, JEDI: The Open Source Curricullum, Java Time Monitor, LEMMing, Matrimonial, ORCS (Open Radio Control System), OpenBerth, Pasarela proyecto edit@, Pharmacy Application, PyEDIRC - Python Event Driven IRC, Python Project Manager, Python Utilities, RDPhone, Reactor Project - C statechart compiler, Saber, SiteVerse - MVC framework and Web tools, Spark File-transfer tool, Stock Management System, SunStudio IDE Extensions, System Availability Monitoring & Metrics, The generalized Program Porting Machine, Threads, Ticket Monitoring System, UI Matrics, Ubuntu Based Market Operations, Urocyon, Vessel, Web host guard, [Travian] Administration Tool, a web portal for niitstudents, aiesec performance evaluation monitor, akashy, akon!, an ide for the lua programming language, automated robot, boot Server V1.0, dx operating system, inspect, libSD-MSP430, monitors folder trees on linux, oj9JBATS, screenshot
(Member Since 2011)
Administrator BigConsole
  • Mysql
  • Glassfish
  • Jruby
  • Rails
  • Nblogo
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