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1.9 Generally Available

10 October 2010

After more than a year of development I proud to present the final release of the Better Swing Application Framework 1.9.

I want to thank all people who helped me with this release:Vity, robross, ringerc, Ed_Erwin, gernot8, aloleary, sergeypk, Joseph Areeda, Andrei.Pozolotin, ecmel, tburk, Eric.Heumann, mawcs, michab66

Key features :

  • documentation is updated
  • old unit tests are updated and fixed, new are added
  • old SwingWorker class is removed, SAF is moved to JDK 1.6
  • Custom property support could be plugged in to the session storage
  • BSAF-23 Support for Select-all action in TextActions
  • BSAF-53 Frame icon support
  • BSAF-31 Support for platform specific resources
  • BSAF-9 LocalStorage does not support appending data to file
  • BSAF-75 Nimbus look and feel requires special handling.

Critical bug fixes

  • BSAF-43 Add EDT violation fix to allow strict checking of Substance L&F to pass
  • BSAF-30 Support for multiscreen mode is poor
  • BSAF-38 Splash screen is blinking
  • BSAF-17 Escape key in DefaultInputBlocker should cancel Task or do nothing
  • BSAF-100 Task message could be changed only in doInBackground() method
  • BSAF-96 mac application quit (commad+Q) bypassing appframework shutdown() method
  • BSAF-82 Restoring the window state is not handling maximized windows very well.
  • BSAF-6 Application.shutdown() is not called on EDT
  • BSAF-64 LocalStorage is broken for WebStart application
  • BSAF-77 Window Input Blocking with Delayed Progress Dialog
  • BSAF-13 - Blank tooltips looks ugly.




  • Mysql
  • Glassfish
  • Jruby
  • Rails
  • Nblogo
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