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An implementation of the Campbell Prediction System (CPS) used to predict potential fire behavior of a wildland fire. CPS is used to adjust tactics and strategies to ensure the safety of firefighters and the effective use of resources. This is a NetBeans 6.9 platform app with a 3D terrain viewer using NASA WorldWind, JOGL, VisAD and Weka libraries. Current development of v1.1 is within the trunk. Make sure to add the Open-GL pack (included) before building -- see the forums or README.TXT.

behave, worldwind, visad, cps, java, swing, netbeans, desktop, wildfire, jogl, opengl, netbeans-platform, nasa-worldwind, wildand-fire, fire-behavior, fire-prediction
Source License:
GPL-2.0, LGPL-2.1, NASA-1.3


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