CPS will remain on Kenai.com (to become Java.net)

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by: Anonymous User
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Posted: February 08, 2010 15:33 by Bruce Schubert
"Belay that order!" The Campbell Prediction System project will NOT be moving to a new host. As a result of a recent announcement from Oracle (excerpt below), the CPS project will remain on Project Kenai.

UPDATE Feb 5, 2010:

Our plan is to shut down kenai.com and focus our efforts on java.net as the hosted development community. We are in the process of migrating java.net to the kenai technology. This means that any project currently hosted on kenai.com will be able to continue as you are on java.net.

This is very good news! The Kenai infrastructure is the best one I've found. As a result of the earlier eviction notice, I evaluated a few of the popular (and less popular) forges, and none surpassed Project Kenai in my opinion. I played with the afformentioned Java.net forge, and I must admit I was disappointed. The Kenai infrastructure should be a shot in the arm for Java.net.

Note: I did move the hosting of my Emergency Management Expert Systems website (Emxsys.com) from Kenai.com to SourceForge.net. URL redirects make this move transparent, so I may leave it there (for now).

So, enough of this project administration, and back to programming on the NetBeans platform.

Best regards,
-- Bruce
Posted: February 08, 2010 16:58 by doug
That is indeed good news.
Doug Campbell
Posted: February 12, 2010 18:13 by Anonymous User
I agree also with Doug.
good job.
Replies: 2 - Last Post: February 12, 2010 18:13
by: Anonymous User
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