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CPS-Suite Readme
Note: the current CPS-Suite netbeans-platform development is within 
the truck repository. The tags repository contains a early Swing based 
proof-of-concept versions (v0.1 - v0.3).

This project requires the NetBeans OpenGL-Pack plugins to provide 
the JOGL and GlueGen runtime libraries.  The required nbms are in the
netbeans-opengl-pack_0.5.5 folder located in the "other" folder.
To install the OpenGL-Pack:

   1. Download the NetBeans OpenGL Pack from the plugin portal or use the supplied
      netbeans-opengl-pack_0.5.5 nbms; extract the archive if you downloaded the plugin.
   2. Start NetBeans and open the Plugin Manager (Tools->Plugins).
   3. Enable the Force install into shared directories checkbox on the Settings page.
   4. Add all modules (.nbm files) to the Downloaded plugins list and press Install.
   5. The installation wizard will guide you now for the rest of the installation.

All other required libraries are included as Library Wrapper Modules.

See the CPS Developer FAQ For more information about building and running 
this RCP application:

-- Bruce
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