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Duke, the Java mascot

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On Nov. 13th 2006, Sun announced that Duke would become Free Graphics, just as the implementations of Java ME and SE became Free Software.

What does "Open Source Duke" mean? It means all you Duke fans have the original mascot for Java technology to play with. With your creative designs, you can give Duke a personal touch. See how Duke fares trying new pastimes such as hiking, base-jumping, skiing, Sudoku, or scuba-diving - or get Duke nationalized by adding your favorite flag.

All we ask is that you treat Duke with the same respect that Sun has.

Here are some details about Duke:


Duke was originally created Joe Palrang to be the "agent" for the Green Project at Sun. Duke became the Java mascot when Java technology was first announced, right around the same time that the first Java cup logo was commissioned.


We are pleased to make Duke images available to the Java community. As indicated on this project page, these files are released under the new BSD license. Sun welcomes constructive criticism, but we ask that you do not use these images in a manner that disparages the Java technology or the Java community.

  1. What is Sun licensing? Sun is licensing several files containing images of the character that we call Duke.
  2. How can the Duke name be used? Sun does not claim any rights in the Duke name. We use the Duke name informally. We are licensing the images only and not the name Duke.
  3. Can I use the images in my code? Yes. You may include these files in your code, according to the license terms, including your modified distributions of open source Java technology and software that you sell commercially. For example, you can use these files in splashscreens, menus and other parts of the user interface.
  4. Can I use the images on merchandise? Yes.
  5. Can I use the images on my web page? Yes. You are permitted to use these files on your website.
  6. Can I modify the files? Yes. If these images don't meet your needs, you can make Duke turn cartwheels, ski, do some basejumping, etc. There are quite a few Illustrator and Lightwave files that you can use as the basis for your own artwork.
  7. Do I need to include the BSD license text if I post an image of Duke on my website? No.
  8. Can I get a tshirt? You sure can. Check out So long, Sun, DukeToss and Sun's Wild Ride.

The source files in this repository are mostly just for a simple utility that scans the image directory hierarchy and generates the index.html and thumbnail files. Almost no one should be interested in this. The images themselves are kept in the webdav filesystem maintained for this project by kenai at

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