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Why does my project's web page have such a lame title, like " - Project Kenai"

Because the page being displayed doesn't have a title element inside a head element inside an html element. See for the gory details.

Where did the files associated with a CollabNet project's ProjectDocumentList end up getting put?

Files that were in the ProjectDocumentList have been moved to<project>. You can download these files from the above URL, but no download stats will be kept. This area is NOT the same as the Kenai Downloads feature. Users will still have access to these files, but they will not be under the regular downloads link. You may want to move them to the Kenai Downloads area for your project (<project>/downloads). You would do this by uploading each of them using the Kenai upload tool.

How do I integrate a IT query into the left side bar?

If you want to integrate something that does a query for a specific issue, you can try...

How do I translate the various collabnet functional links into Kenai functional links

Function CollabNet Link Kenai Link
show me a specific bug
do a query against the bug tracker;;issue_type=DEFECT;issue_type=ENHANCEMENT;issue_type=FEATURE;issue_type=TASK;component=jax-ws;issue_status=RESOLVED;resolution=FIXED;priority=P1;priority=P2;priority=P3;priority=P4;email1=;emailtype1= There is no direct translation. You must use JIRA search or follow the project link and then follow the left navigation bar of the default site look & feel.
Go to the top of the project's 'Document List'
look at specific directory in the source repo 'browser'
**note:** this changes based on the scm that is used
download a file from the scm*checkout*/metro/trunk/www/create.script-fu?rev=267|||
subscribe to a mailing list
Kenai provides both web UI and email subscription and unscription. See "Subscribing to or Unsubscribe From a list section" at
look at a page on the projects web site without the 'decorations'<project>?nonav=true or<project> for projects without website feature or custom layout feature enabled. Otherwise http://<project>
display the project's mailing list subscription page
display the projects 'News' or 'Announcements Project Announcements feature is not available on Kenai. Some projects have implemented custom new-feed ticker pages. This has not yet been ported but we will work on this. Projects can also use Kenai forums if they like:<projects>/forums or<project>/pages/Home

Using CVS

  • Tunneling -- Do I need to use an HTTP proxy inside Oracle WAN?
    • No. Proxy is not required from with the WAN. The same command should work inside and outside the Oracle network
  • I am not seeing e-mail notifications, when I commit changes
    • Kenai does not yet support e-mail update notifications for CVS. This is being worked into this, or the next Kenai sprint.
  • Mysql
  • Glassfish
  • Jruby
  • Rails
  • Nblogo
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