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<h1>Project Kenai Documentation and Training</h1> In addition to the documentation, training, and release notes shown here, <a href="{{forums}}">the Project Kenai help forums</a> are also a good source of information. On our help forums you can ask questions, <a href="">report problems</a>, and talk with others about what you think of the site. Also, you might want to sign up for the <a href=""></a> mailing list to be notified of the latest updates and news about Project Kenai. <table> <tr valign="top"> <td width="40%"> == FAQs and How Do I's == * [[FAQs|FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)]]: General, high level questions. * [[Howdoi|How Do I ...]]: How to do just about everything in Project Kenai. * [[FAQs#report_bug|How to report bugs and problems]] == Screencasts &amp; Video Tutorials == * [ Welcome to Project Kenai] (Dec 21, 2009) * [ Setting Up Your User Profile] (Dec 21, 2009) * [ Managing Your Kenai Projects] (Dec 21, 2009) == Recent Updates == * [[ReleaseNotes|New Features and Release Notes]] (October 12th, 2010) *[[SVNRepositoryMigration|Migrating an Existing Subversion Repository to a Kenai Project Repository]] (Dec 15, 2009) *[[FAQs#hideprojectcontent|How do I hide my project's content?]] (Nov 5, 2009) * [[ManageProject#Deleting_a_Project|How do I delete a project?]] (Oct. 27, 2009) *[[MailingLists#Using_Email_to_Subscribe_or_Unsubscribe|Using Email to subscribe to or unsubscribe from an email list]] (Sep. 2, 2009) * [[Forums#rssfeed|How do I subscribe to an RSS feed for a forum topic or thread?]] (Aug. 21, 2009) * [[Downloads##Adding_a_File_to_the_Downloads_List|How do I upload more than one file at a time to my project's Downloads area?]] (Aug.18, 2009) * [[Wikis#resize-controls|How do I make my view or edit area bigger?]] (Jul 21, 2009) </td> <td>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; </td> <td> == Documentation Pages == * [[KenaiOverview|The Nuts and Bolts of Project Kenai]] * [[ProfileSettings|User Profile Settings]] * [[CreateProject|Creating a Project]] ** [[OtherLicense|The ''Other'' License for Projects]] * [[ManageProject|Managing a Project]] ** [[ProjectFeatures|About Project Features]] ** [[Projectpermissions|Default Project Activity Permissions]] ** [[Hooks|About Hooks]] *** [[WebHooks|Web Hooks]] *** [[SCMWebsiteHooks|SCM Website Hooks]] ** [[AboutAnalytics|Using Analytics With Your Project]] ** [[UploadWebsiteFiles|Working With Your Project's Website]] * [[SourceControl|Source Code Management]] **[[usingsvn-unixmac|Using Subversion on UNIX and Mac Systems]] **[[usingsvn-win|Using Subversion on Microsoft Windows Systems]] **[[usinghg-unixmac|Using Mercurial on UNIX and Mac Systems]] ** [[Usinghg-win|Using Mercurial on Microsoft Windows Systems]] ** [[SourceControl#About_Git|About Git]] ** [[SVNRepositoryMigration|Migrating an Existing Subversion Repository to a Kenai Project Repository]] ** [[GeneratingAnSSHKey|Generating an SSH Key]] *** [[Winsshwithputty|Generating and Using an SSH Key on a Microsoft Windows Machine]] ***[[Usinghg-winsshsetup|Setting Up Mercurial to Use SSH on a Microsoft Windows Machine]] ***[[Usingsvn-winsshsetup|Setting Up Cygwin to Use SSH on a Microsoft Windows Machine]] * [[Forums|About Forums]] * [[IssueTracking|About Issue Tracking]] ** [[BugzillaIssueTracker|Using the Bugzilla Issue Tracker]] ** [[JiraIssueTracker|Using the Jira Issue Tracker]] **[[JiraManageUsers|Setting User Roles for the Jira Issue Tracker]] * [[MailingLists|About Mailing Lists]] * [[Wikis|About Wikis]] **[[MediaWikiSamples|MediaWiki Sampler]] * [[Downloads|About Downloads]] * [[IMChat|About Instant Messaging (IM) Chat]] </td> </tr> </table> <table> <tr> <td style="height:500px;">&nbsp;</td> <td style="height:500px;">&nbsp;</td> <td style="height:500px;">&nbsp;</td> </tr> </table>
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