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Hypervisor/Sun4v Reference Materials

Architecture Specifications

ARC Cases

The following is a list of sun4v-related ARC cases. A request has been made to open them for public access via the OpenSolaris ARC community. This list will be updated with links to the open cases, links with errors point to as-of-yet un-opened cases.

Update: appears to be gone so all of the links below are useless. The canonical location of the below list is now on the cpubringup wiki inside the Oracle network. This version will no longer be updated. Sorry!

Core sun4v

Machine Description



Error Handling

Niagara Platform

Niagara 2 Platform

Niagara Crypto

Victoria Falls Platform

Rock Platform

KT Platform

VT Platform

Parallel Boot

Power Management


Trusted Platform Module



  • FWARC 2005/111 Sun4v Bus Binding to Open Firmware
  • FWARC 2006/276 Netra T2000 Tsalarm Service Channel
  • FWARC 2006/352 Montoya IPMI service channel
  • FWARC 2006/434 Third Party Remote Management Software Service Channel
  • FWARC 2007/107 Update to Third Party Remote Management Software Service Channel
  • FWARC 2008/788 FW Progress State Domain Service
  • FWARC 2010/150 Platform Specific NIU SERDES and PHY values
  • FWARC 2011/061 hv-api-groups root-node property (OBP)
  • Mysql
  • Glassfish
  • Jruby
  • Rails
  • Nblogo
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