The jmake utility

This was formerly called the javamake utility from This tool's functionality is analogous to the "smart checking" feature of Borland JBuilder or the dependency analysis feature of IBM Jikes. However, it is a command line tool that is not tied to any IDE, can be used with any Java compiler, and can run as a task in the popular Ant make system.

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by: dancen
javamake version 2 831 Defaultpersonimage September 12, 2012 15:31
by: Dave Barnett
updating jmake for java 1.7 1 1973 Defaultpersonimage June 27, 2012 01:59
by: sirajk
Updates we use .... 2 756 Defaultpersonimage May 28, 2009 13:06
by: Dave Barnett
is there a jar file for this project that i can download 5 1274 Defaultpersonimage August 27, 2009 04:37
by: iffyb
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