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Here is a list of sites and projects using JRuby. Please add descriptions if possible.

Project Description Why is JRuby Needed? How is it Used? Using Java Any Regrets? Hits/day
OpenTelegard/2 OpenSource implementation of the Telegard BBS. JRuby offered advantages of many existing Java libraries not available for MRI Ruby. Primary Lanaguage OpenJDK 6 None UploadBooth is a service that enables you to upload and share tagged files with others online in a simple way. You can start using UploadBooth right away by uploading your first batch of files. BlissMessage is an iPhone app which lets you send free text messages from iPhone to iPhone and from the web to iPhones as well. It leverages push notifications for instant delivery of the messages. While the basic use case is sending free text messages to other users, you can also get notified about your Twitter replies and mentions if you enter your Twitter name in the profile. Easy and performant integration of mature MQ technologies (ActiveMQ). Java is a high-performant language to fall back on in case, and it's safer for me to code Java than C NGINX - Jetty - JRuby-Rack No. No. Multi-language high-performance online dictionary designed to serve millions of search requests a day. The system combines high-quality content by the renowned dictionary publisher PONS with content generated by the web's crowd intelligence. The scalable system is developed and hosted by finnlabs. To share large in-process caches and lucene indeces between multiple rails instances and to reuse Java libraries. Optimized Java App handles perfomance critical dictionary search requests, whilst JRuby on Rails runs everything else. Yes No. Millions of search requests a day.
JotBot Desktop based time tracking and reporting tool Gives access to Swing, JDBC, JDIC, etc. Ruby logic layer drives app and calls into Java libraries Yes No
Project Kenai Open Source, Student and Developer Collaboration Site for Software Projects JRuby on Rails running on Glassfish Not directly No ~15K/day (as of 2008-10-29) and growing
Oracle Mix Running on Oracle Application Server, Oracle Database, Oracle Internet Directory, Oracle SSO, and JRuby 1.1RC2 on Rails (1.2.6). Built by the Oracle AppsLab in collaboration with ThoughtWorks. Yes No
Ruby-Processing A Wrapper for Processing, a visual coding sketchbook. To access the Processing library. Yes No
Desktop Application Development in JRuby
Sonar An open-source entreprise dashboard which gauges quality of Java applications through the observance of coding rules conventions, metric measures and advanced indicators. Embed Ruby/Rails into a JEE application Jetty server + goldspike + activerecord-jdbc-adapter. Build with maven. Yes No
Mediacast A (media)file hosting application. Development and deployment details] Yes No
Medienservice Sachsen The local government of Saxony (Germany) publishes all its press releases via this application. App built on Rails, target environment is J2EE-only Running Rails, acessing Java libraries from the Rails app. Yes No
schnell schnell is a zippy (Fast), yippy (Easy) and hippy (Cool) tool for testing websites. Written on jruby using webdriver (formerly htmlunit) schnell is a headless browser web application testing tool and uses webdriver (formerly htmlunit) as its driver. Yes No
TriSano TriSanoâ„¢ is an open source, citizen-focused surveillance and outbreak management system for infectious disease, environmental hazards, and bioterrorism attacks. It allows local, state and federal entities to track, control and ultimately prevent illness and death. Extensive roadmap - didn't think Ruby alone could get it done and want to fall back to Java rather than C. Running Rails Not yet, but will likely soon No is a Swedish chain of auction houses owned by Bukowskis Auktioner AB, Swedens biggest auction house. Auktionskompaniet hold auctions with objects in the average consumer price range. Third-party library integration Rails (2.1.2), Warbler 0.9.11, Glassfish v2, Ubuntu 8.04 Yes No ~100k page views / day (2008-10)
SCRIP-SAFE Secure transcript delivery system developed by EdgeCase to make use of java libraries Rails No No

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