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Customizing Error Display

You can override the JavaScript function used to display validation errors:

 JSR303JSValidator.prototype.showValidationFeedback = function(failedRules) {

Make sure to include your code overriding that function after the jsr303js-codebase JavaScript.

Adding Support For Other Validation Annotations

To add support for other validation annotations, add corresponding JavaScript validation functions to the JSR303JSValidator.Rule.prototype.

  JSR303JSValidator.Rule.prototype.After = function(value, params, fieldName, config) {
    var valid = true;
    if (value) {
      var dateFormat = (config[fieldName] && config[fieldName].dateFormat ? config[fieldName].dateFormat : JSR303JSValidator.DateParser.defaultFormat);
      try {
        var dateValue = JSR303JSValidator.DateParser.parseDate(dateFormat, value);
        var afterDate = JSR303JSValidator.DateParser.parseDate(dateFormat, params.format);
        valid = dateValue && afterDate && dateValue.getTime() > afterDate.getTime();
      } catch(e) {
    return valid;

If you need to pass extra configuration data to your custom validation functions, data that is not present in the annotation attributes, put it in the tag body JSON object.

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