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2.6 Release

Latest build available here.

Null Pointer Exception when loading

Building the .jar with Ant does not include file properly. See latest build for correction.

Null Pointer Exception around ResolverServiceImpl.sendResponse()

Some people have reported the above exception. A patch has been implemented in the latest build. Let us know your feedback here, if any.

java.lang.IllegalStateException: Missing Multicast Advertisment

A java.lang.IllegalStateException: Missing Multicast Advertisment issue has been reported with 2.6 beta 2. A patch has been implemented, see the latest build. Let us know your feedback here if any.

Can't find bundle for base name net.jxta.impl.config, locale nl_NL

Someone has reported an exception when core code loads 'net.jxta.impl.config'. At first, the culprit seemed to be the usage of ResourceBundle.getBundle() to load properties, but further analysis showed it was not the case. This is related to an Equinox bundling issue. The implementation of a solution is left to the next release.

java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: net/jxta/id/NullID

Some people have reported the above exception under Mac OS and Linux when using the jxse-2.6.jar beta 2 release. However, this issue is not reported under Vista. A thread has been opened on the Java forum to discuss this.

See the latest build containing a patch for this issue. Let us know here if the issue persists in your environment.

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