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Frequently Asked Questions

This page collects answers to frequently asked questions about JXTA and JXSE.

2.6 & 2.7 Library Dependencies

The 2.6 & 2.7 library dependencies are now available from:


The CMS project has been deprecated and replaced by the ContentService API in released 2.6. CMS has not been maintained and knowledgeable people have left the community.


The JXME project has not been maintained by the community since JXTA release 2.4.1, because of a lack of volunteers and interest. Some connectivity tests have been performed with JXTA/JXSE release 2.5 and 2.6. See our Known Issues page for details.

NAT Traversal

NAT Traversal is a hot topic in the community. We investigating the possibility of implementing a TCP NAT traversal solution to ease the burden on Relay. Target release has not been specified yet, see our Known Issues page.

Maven Central Repository

JXTA/JXSE is currently not available from Maven's central repository, because the project has dependencies which are not in the central repository yet. Hopefully, this will change in a future release. In the mean time, Sonatype staging repositories are used.

Multiple Peers in Same JVM

Many have expressed the desire to run multiple peers in the same JVM. This is not possible in release 2.6 (or earlier), unless one uses separate ClassLoaders. Unfortunately, this solution is cumbersome and inefficient regarding performance and memory consumption.

We have been working on removing code obstacles and are releasing a solution for release 2.7 (called Cheeseburger).

Practical JXTA

Many people wonder if Practical JXTA II is available as an e-book, the answer is yes (see Others wonder if it is possible to buy both the paper and e-book format with a discount, the answer is no, because Lulu, Inc. does not offer such a feature.

Practical JXTA II is available for reading online at:

Proxy Service

A JXTA proxy service for devices not capable of connecting to the Internet was made available in early versions of JXTA. This is not to be confused with Relay peers. This proxy service has not been maintained by the community and corresponding configuration and code will be removed in a future release. It has already been deprecated in release 2.6.

Security, PSE

Currently, peers are not watertight when it comes to security. Advertisement cache pollution or DOS attacks are possible, though the latter can be mitigated with EndpointService filters. DOS attacks should also be dealt with at the router level and through general application implementation architectures.

Some solutions have been implemented by a member of the community since release 2.5, but it has not been integrated and tested fully in core code. Because of a lack of resources and because of the technical debt in the code, we have decided to not work on this issue for release 2.6. These have been included in release 2.7.


The shell project has not been maintained by the community and has not been updated to JXTA/JXSE release 2.6. Those willing to use the Shell with release 2.5 or earlier should keep in mind that glitches and lurking bugs have been reported by users. As far as we know, these have not been solved.

There has been some discussions in the community about the future of the Shell. In the JXTA paradigm, the Shell is considered as an application loaded on peers. However, it probably should be re-implemented as a true service or an application separated from core JXTA/JXSE code.

Currently, JXTA/JXSE core code contains 'dead' Shell code. It will be removed in a future release, unless someone volunteers to work on this issue.

Test Coverage

We plan to implement test coverage tools for the next release (2.7). This will support the current effort of cleaning technical debt in the code, and smoothen our QA and CI processes.

The webpage is not maintained anymore. However, code examples can still be downloaded from :


  • Mysql
  • Glassfish
  • Jruby
  • Rails
  • Nblogo
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