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A logbook for motorbikes Wiki

This is a program that is aimed for bikers who like to go on long trips. The idea occurred to me when I was thinking of a long weekend trip and realized that I did not know a lot of things that I should have. eg I was making a trip of 800 km. So how much petrol I will be using and therefore how much cash do I need to carry. Then I started thinking about other things and the idea of this program came into existence.

For a biker it will be when the servicing was done, How much it cost so on and so forth. It will also keep track of breakdowns that might occur. So after a breakdown has occurred user simply enters the details of the breakdown. This will in long term and with sufficient data be able to predict the next breakdown. Though this is not an exact science but it is by mathematical probability. So if a user has a Tyre puncture average 1000 km. then it should be able to predict the next one, Even though it may not be accurate but it will at least let the rider know that this event is due so carry some extra cash.

Current State

Some of the features are places and some work and some dont. Here is a list of features that do work and some that dont work.


These are features that are working and though not 100% bug free but still stable enough to be used.

  • Data Storage into csv is complete.
  • Petrol Data Entry and Storage
  • Maintainance Data Entry and Storage
  • Accessories Data Entry and Storage
  • Petrol Data Report(Partially)
  • Splash Screen

Non Functional

These are features that will be worked on next and will be targeted for completion before next experimental release.

  • Petrol Data Repot
  • Breakdown Data Report
  • Accessories Data Report
  • Aggrigated Report


These are features in the pipeline. This list can grow as long as it has to. Please Join the forums, Any idea you think needs rework and comments anything that is useful will be added to planned list.

  • Trip Planner
  • Trip Report
  • Trip Completion Data Entry
  • Report Viewer and printer
  • Theme Support
  • Internationalization of all string
  • Mini Icons with all Widgets
  • Statistical Models for Report Generation
  • Probability Models to predict failure rate
  • Probability Model for Accidents
  • Export Report to excel
  • Report to include Carbon Footprint and suggestions to reduce it.
  • Random Quote's on desktop from Fortune
  • Optimization of subsytems
  • Photos of the Trip.. Maybe java FX

End User Manual

This will be done once some basic features are implemented.

Developer Information

If you are a developer and want to help in this project in any way you are more than welcome and it is not only developers who can join in, it can be people with good ideas or suggestions. To view the Developers page click on the link below.

  • Mysql
  • Glassfish
  • Jruby
  • Rails
  • Nblogo
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