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Milos Silhanek
(Member Since 2009)
Administrator Antlr Support for NetBeans, Better Swing Application Framework, Campbell Prediction System (emxsys.com), CapeCanaveral, Design and rendering of NURBS graphics, Diver Assistant, EasyWay Game Engine 4, ExWar, ExWar Server, File Commander, Frame4J, Frappe3D, H2 Database Engine Support For NetBeans, Ideal Graph Visualizer, Information Extraction, JDepend Netbeans Plugin, JFugue, Java Scientific Library, Jerig - Needful Java Utilities, Jython Book, Karel Programming Language for NetBeans, LambdaBeans, Media Manager, Modeler and Scenegraph layout, NB L10n Test Project, NBRCP Kolektiv, NetBeans IDE Samples Catalog, NetBeans OpenGL Pack, NetBeans Plugin Portal, NetBeans Testing, NetBeans in Swing apps, Netbeans'es Entities Graphical Editor, Neurona: AI meets Distributed Computing, Osíris Game Library, PDF Parser & Generator Library, Petty Theft Streetcar, Prague, Processing plugin for Netbeans IDE, RefactoringNG, SQLRaider, Simple Validation, The Configuration and Utilities Toolkit, The Duby Programming Language, The Ioke programming language, TheMusicCreator, UI Matrics, Use Case Content management, Virtual Classroom + edveNTUre, Visualization toolkit for JNeuralNet, Windows Service Wrapper, crys struct to comp algorithm, dUDe: Django UML Designer, nbWiki is edit support for wiki pages java, javase, java3d, jogl, ai, games, uml, netbeans-platform, visualization, 3d, netbeans-rcp
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