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glpack-git / native-lib-support

FilenameAuthorRevisionModifiedLog Entry
mbien@... a9edd697 over 7 years ago added .gitignore files
mbien@... cb298bfd almost 8 years ago updated build to NetBeans 6.7, a...
mbien@... 46544d0a almost 9 years ago new native lib deployment with x...
mbien@... 63c6f3c6 almost 9 years ago extracted native library deploym...
Michael Bien 276ecf14 over 7 years ago updated project homepage in modu...
Michael Bien 01b4edd9 over 7 years ago NativeLibSupport now supports li...
mbien@... 31ea59e7 over 8 years ago cleanup of layer.xml, moved samp...
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