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    Directory      Enviroscan

    A utility to scan a Java installation looking for the Java compiler module (tools.jar or classes.jar) and other NetRexx related components. Does not require NetRexx to be installed.
    Tags: netrexx envirotest enviroscan tools.jar scan
    about 4 years ago
    Directory      Experimental NetRexx Build

    3.04 experimental features: List processing API, "do binary" blocks, parallel API, jsr199
    Tags: netrexx compiler runtime experimental build
    almost 2 years ago
    Directory      jEdit NetRexxPlugin

    A new jEdit plugin to replace NetRexxJe, NetRexxDE and NetRexxScript. Includes the NetRexx Android IDE. Can now be installed from Plugin Central.
    Tags: jedit netrexxscript netrexxde plugin
    almost 3 years ago
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