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by: Tan ChooJun
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Posted: February 03, 2010 01:53 by Tan ChooJun
Sad news to inform everybody here....

The last day u can access this web site is on 02-April-2010, and the URL is not valid any more after the mentioned date.

Why??? Oracle decided to close and all projects will be deleted after its closing.

Below are the lines from my received email content:

The Closure of Project Kenai []
Sent: Tuesday, February 02, 2010 23:24
Hello fellow Project Administrators,

It's with a sad heart that we have to announce that the domain will be shutdown as part of the consolidation of project hosting sites now that Sun is a wholly owned subsidiary of Oracle.

Project Kenai has always existed as two different things: Kenai the infrastructure, and Kenai the website ( While it has come time to close the domain of, the infrastructure (which is already used under will live on to support other domains in the future.

With this decision from Oracle to close the domain, it is now time for project owners to begin the process of migrating their repositories and content over to other locations. A few things to note as you begin this process:

* More then one forum thread is going on at this time discussing alternative sites for hosting projects; this one appears to be the most active:

* For Source repositories, SVNSync can be used for Subversion. Git, and Hg are pretty simple by nature to move.

* Wiki source code is available to all project admins and can be cut and paste into any other site that supports the Mediawiki syntax.

* For Issue Trackers and Forum content, we are looking at ways to make that content available, but we have nothing at this time in place. If you can come up with a way to move the content on your own, proceed as such. Please do not wait for us.

The website will be closed to the creation of new projects in the next week. The complete shutdown of the site and the removal of the domain will be completed in the next 60 days (April 2nd 2010). This should provide ample time for all projects to be moved to a new home of the project owners choice.

If you have a private project (only available to Sun internal projects) those projects will continue to exist. We will send information about how to access those in a separate notice.

Any public projects that remain after the 60 day limit (April 2nd 2010) will be removed when the site is turned off.

It has been an amazing ride, and a great pleasure to personally work with so many of you over the last year or so. From the entire Project Kenai Team I want to thank you for all of the feedback, criticisms, and support over our time together.

With much respect,
The Project Kenai Team

Posted: February 03, 2010 07:58 by Milos Silhanek
I have made the continuous build on hudson.What about it?
Kenai is useful and friendly.
Posted: February 04, 2010 04:08 by Tan ChooJun
Yeah, Kenai is user-friendly and "fast" in response!
Unfortunately, it is closing soon. U better move out all yr projects to other public hosting before it is too late.
Posted: February 03, 2010 06:31 by Tan ChooJun
Alright! I just got the official "new home" to host our MDG at

Give me sometimes to do the migration from to
Posted: February 06, 2010 03:19 by Tan ChooJun
MDG moved out completed from today.
Bye bye!
Posted: February 06, 2010 03:35 by Cyberqat
You guys are out of date and confused.

Go read the blog
Posted: February 06, 2010 04:19 by Tan ChooJun
yaya... after moved out then only saw Ted Farrell's update email & blog!
Too bad!

Any how, MDG has new life at
Still need to say bye-bye to
Posted: February 06, 2010 04:25 by Cyberqat
This is true to some degree, although it sounds now like they are going to actually merge
the existing projects into the Kenai framework and then just change the name to

As such I'm not moving anything yet.
Posted: February 06, 2010 04:36 by Tan ChooJun
"sound like"....mmhhh we cannot afford to let them "spin" us like a "ball"... at lease for my project.
Play safe... i quit the "games", and wish u and the rest good luck!
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Replies: 8 - Last Post: February 06, 2010 04:36
by: Tan ChooJun
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