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Migration of

You find the the site at
It is in read-only mode starting late Monday February 21 for 4-5 days.
See the QuickHelp Guide for notes on the new site.


This project provides the collaboration means for the work on the move of the main site from CEE to the Project Kenai framework.

The site is going to run as an separate instance on the Project Kenai infrastructure and not as part of You can see other examples at or

The move is going to include services like publishing of web content, mailing lists, bugtracking, ... and the existing content of those. Satellite sites like forums, extensions and templates sites, ... will not be affected. A better integration might be considered later but is not part of the initial effort.

If you are going to actively support the effort or would like to give feedback on the status of your project in the new environment join our General Discussion mailing list discuss at

Steps of the Production Site Migration starting Monday February 21

We will go through the following steps during the migration process

  • start queuing mail (lists and user forwarding); queuing in place
  • lock old CEE-based site in read-only mode; old site locked
  • migrate data to new Kenai-based site; done
  • switch name (DNS) to new site; done, new site active
  • notify users; done
  • deliver queued mails; done
  • add list archive content

The old site is accessible for anonymous visitors until we switch. We do not expect to have access to the CEE site after the switch. Afterwards the migrated webcontent and other services are offered at the new site.
Information for registered users working with services like bugtracking, lists, ... is available in the QuickHelp Guide. This includes notes about account activation.

Staging Site

A staging site is available at

The data migration scripts do already a good job so that users with roles, projects with their lists/webcontent/downloads and the majority of issue tracking information can be investigated.

Webcontent and theming are handled quite differently in the Kenai framework. The site-wide theme and central pages are a close adaption of the look known from the CEE production site, but could use a modernization [see URL tbd].
The management of project specific content and customization options are described in Kenai Help and specific documentation.

Please note that the staging environment does not indicate future performance and is not available all the time. About once a week the data migration is started from scratch. You'll see a red banner with the status during these phases.

The site is available for anonymous visitors without restrictions. For login access and receiving mail messages from the staging site see the general information page. Note that your email address has to be put on the whitelist to gain access to your OOo account on the staging site.

Further Information

  • Mysql
  • Glassfish
  • Jruby
  • Rails
  • Nblogo
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