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Player's Application for Character Organization Wiki

The Player's Application for Character Organization (PACO) project is a web based platform for creating and managing live action role playing adventures. It is targeted to organizations wishing to host role playing adventures and who are looking for an easy way to manage user's subscription and character creation.

How to setup the development environment

The PACO project is a web application structured as a Maven project to ease development using both Netbeans and Eclipse IDE. Both these IDE`s have great maven support. We intend on supporting deployment on Apache Tomcat v6.x and Glassfish V3 Prelude.

Integrated Developement Environment (IDE)


Tip To be able to run glassfish directly from netbeans, under windows, it is important to install it in a path containing no white spaces.

Identity Management

Programing references and Tutorials

Restful Web Services


Web Services Authentification and Authorisation

PDF rendering

Design Pattern


  • Mysql
  • Glassfish
  • Jruby
  • Rails
  • Nblogo
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