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Proteus Intelligent Processes Project Wiki

This wiki is for the developers of the Proteus Intelligent Processes (PIP) open source project and others who are interested in learning more about Proteus.

In this project we are developing tools based on the Proteus model and the rule system called GreEd.


Proteus allows even non-programmers to create executable workflows.

Once created, these processes can be executed by any user, which will then take them step-wise through the activities represented in the workflow, requesting data when needed, making decisions on its own with the logic provided by the author or, otherwise, asking the user to make the decision.

The beauty of it all is that the activities that form part of the workflow are modular things, which are stored in the author's library and can be used again and again in any other situation that they may be appropriate. Authoring and editing of workflows is a breeze in the Proteus environment. Much of editing is done by simple drag and drop operations.

It is a good idea to learn a bit more about Proteus by visiting Proteus Website before you start grappling with the code or running the tools, or at least get a feel by running this Demo in Flash


GreEd is a simple business rules system with a sophisticated rules authoring tool at its heart. We do not exaggerate a bit when we say that you can create really complex rules by no more than drag and drop actions. Indeed, to be more accurate, GreEd doesn't even required dragging, it is more like pick and drop. Only where you need to specify literals, you need to type. Next version will require you to attach probes to your head, and will guess what you have in mind, so that you can throw away your keyboard. (just kidding; don't throw away your keyboard yet)

Read about GreEd or thinking behind GreEd.

Useful Links

  • Demo in Flash

  • If you wish to install manually, you can follow the instructions here.

  • EclipseSetup: Getting started with using Eclipse for PIP development

  • FAQs: This page will answer some of your burning questions This page will keep evolving based on the questions we receive.

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