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Release Notes

Release Notes

Quick start

Issue Tracking in NetBeans


Update Center

  • Get NetBeans IDE
  • Register the RedmineNB Update Center:
    • Start NetBeans IDE and choose 'Tools' > 'Plugins' from the menu and select 'Settings' tab;
    • Press 'Add' button
    • Name:
      RedmineNB Update Center
    • URL:
  • Press 'OK', change to the 'Available Plugins' tab
  • Select the 'RedmineNB' module file and press 'Install' button


Download RedmineNB versions from and install it manually.


Implementation Dependency

There's a major problem in RedmineNB: An Implementation Dependency to the NetBeans module Issue Tracking. You can read here more about Implementation Dependency. Unfortunately this module isn't full developed and thus not yet released as a public API. See Bug #162279 for more information and don't forget to vote for it!

Module Friendlizer

There was a unsuccessful test with making the plugin compatible with multiple NetBeans versions.

Special thanks to quangtin3 for contributing Module Friendlizer. See also the issue REDMINENB-33 for more information.

Add Redmine repository

  1. Open the Services window
  2. Left mouse click on Issue Trackers and choose "Create Issue Tracker..."
  3. Choose Redmine as Connector
  4. Fill up the required fields:

Find Redmine ticket

Show Issue details

Link source commit to Redmine ticket

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  • Glassfish
  • Jruby
  • Rails
  • Nblogo
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