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retepTools is the core java library used by all of my OpenSource projects, providing numerous API's from collections, concurrency, thread and application management, xml processing (SAX, STaX, JAXB, DOM, NioSax) and a lot more.


The following javadoc set's are available:

ProjectHomepage SnapshotReleasesDescription
retepTools Tools SNAPSHOT 9.8.2 Aggregated set containing all javadocs
retepNioSax NioSax SNAPSHOT release due shortly NIO friendly SAX parser
retepDoclet Doclet SNAPSHOT release due shortly Replacement doclet for generating cleaner javadocs which are skinnable

Related projects

  • retepMicroKernel - A Spring based microkernel for Java applications
  • retepXMPP - An XMPP/Jabber library for writing client/server applications and components

Documented API's

The following API's have documentation available in addition to the javadocs:


The majority of this library is covered by the BSD license, however some components are covered by either the Apache license (e.g. BZip2) or are Public Domain (Base64). The license for each component is defined in each individual class.

The retepDoclet subproject is covered by the GPLv2+CLASSPATH licence. This is due to it being based on the Standard doclet in OpenJDK7 so shares the same licence. Due to this constraint it is contained within it's own mercurial repository.


As of 9.8.2 the entire library is available from the maven repository hosted by Kenai. Although you can use the core jar on its own, the use of Maven is the supported method.

Source code is available in two Mercurial repositories accessible on the links listed on the right

Do not use the maven repository. This is an archive of the old maven repository and will be removed at a future date.

  • Mysql
  • Glassfish
  • Jruby
  • Rails
  • Nblogo
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