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The purpose of this project is to use Spring Roo to lower any barriers to entry for folks who want to use JavaServer Faces 2.0 to build an application.

A wedding application

Just checked in an early release of the wedding application, which, when finished will be used as a goal or target model for roo to generate using the roofaces addon. The roofaces addon is also currently under construction, but we do not have an early release ready yet.

Anyone who is good at JSF 2.0 is welcome to check out the wedding application and send me improvements to make it the best it can be with the latest version of JSF. It currently assumes JSF 2.02-SNAPSHOT, but the pages are not connected through the controller to use the back end entities yet. If you would like to help us make the wedding application better, please compare it to the wedding app that is currently generated by roo using the following script which I call wedding.roo:

// Spring Roo 1.0.0.RC4 [rev 515] log opened at 2009-12-15 10:12:19
development mode
project --topLevelPackage
persistence setup --provider HIBERNATE --database HYPERSONIC_PERSISTENT
database properties list
database properties set --key database.url --value jdbc:hsqldb:/home/{your_home}/wedding
entity --name ~.domain.Rsvp --class
field string code --notNull --sizeMin 1 --sizeMax 30
field string email --sizeMax 30
field number attending --type java.lang.Integer
field string specialRequests --sizeMax 100
field date confirmed --type java.util.Date
controller scaffold ~.web.RsvpController

For those unfamiliar with roo, who want more details about generating the wedding application with roo go here.


  • 20091209 - Had a meeting with Ben Alex and Stefan Schmidt where we discussed the roofaces project.
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