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(Member Since 2016)
Observer 77 Inteligent ads system, A DISTRIBUTED ONLINE STAGING SYSTEM, A MOBILE CASH ENABLED E-COMMERCE SYSTEM, A Tool for Batch File Analysis, A logbook for motorbikes, A project manager for freelancers, A small, fast Java ME twitter client, ABK SiteHoster, AIOTrade, AIT's-ERP and Dispatch manager!, ALMS - (A) Learning Management System, Accounting System, ActivityLogger, Aeronautical project, AgentSpeak Skirmish AI for Spring, Agents software factory agents oriented, Ailesse - The Travellers, Alam Portal, Alice, Alice 2, AllHngry.COM - Restaurant Management, Alpaca - Event Registration System, Always on Top Toggle Button, Ami: Social Networking for Tomorrow, Android plugin for NetBeans, Anicetus - Telemetry for Management, Apache HTTP Traffic Monitor, AppSuite, Application On, Argos Monitor, BigConsole, CDR files parser which is work with DB, CloudTable, DES : Distributed Environment Simulator, DHIS2 - Community-Based Health System, Files Monitor, Full Control Monitoring System, HAR: Hardware Activity Reporter, HC HTML-to-C micro-framework, HP Inventory System, Hadoop Agent, JEDI: The Open Source Curricullum, Java Time Monitor, LEMMing, Matrimonial, ORCS (Open Radio Control System), OpenBerth, Pasarela proyecto edit@, Pharmacy Application, PyEDIRC - Python Event Driven IRC, Python Project Manager, Python Utilities, RDPhone, Reactor Project - C statechart compiler, Saber, SiteVerse - MVC framework and Web tools, Spark File-transfer tool, Stock Management System, SunStudio IDE Extensions, System Availability Monitoring & Metrics, The generalized Program Porting Machine, Threads, Ticket Monitoring System, UI Matrics, Ubuntu Based Market Operations, Urocyon, Vessel, Web host guard, [Travian] Administration Tool, a web portal for niitstudents, aiesec performance evaluation monitor, akashy, akon!, an ide for the lua programming language, automated robot, boot Server V1.0, dx operating system, inspect, libSD-MSP430, monitors folder trees on linux, oj9JBATS, screenshot
(Member Since 2016)
Observer -<(O.o)>- here, -=aCodeGen=- plug parser, get Compiler, /Meccua, 3-D game engine, 77 Inteligent ads system, 8box_swing_desktop, ?????????----?????????, A MOBILE CASH ENABLED E-COMMERCE SYSTEM, A Media Organization CMS, A Network Portal for Healthy Lifestyle, A Simple Address Book using Tapestry5, A Simple PHP Framework, A Social Experimental Project, A Tool for Batch File Analysis, A database exercise for personal records, A home inventory application, A logbook for motorbikes, A new blog system, withe oophp, A shooting game powered by python, A simple test project for kenai, A small, fast Java ME twitter client, A toolkit for small simple java games, A-CMS, ABK SiteHoster, AHSTSA Development, AOP Swing Security, Abhishek Java Library, Acro Game, ActiveRecord JDBC, Adempiere LVE 361, Aeronautical project, Agi on Rails, AndREight-Puzzle, Anicetus - Telemetry for Management, Animalia, Appliweb Web-Based IDE, Appointment System - NAM, BLIP: AVR<->AVR<->PC Comms Protocol, Better Swing Application Framework, BigConsole, Blangkon Book Store, Bpmn and Xpdl editor, Cheap Fare Guru, Chess Game Project for Java beginners, Cloud Computing, [PHP] - RCT, asu for insurance agent, axis2framework, bbmmo 3d, ajax, android, application, c, c#, c++, cloud, cms, css, database, desktop, editor, ejb, erp, framework, game, games, glassfish, grails, hibernate, html, j2ee, j2me, java, javaee, javafx, javame, javascript, javase, jee, jpa, jquery, jruby, jsf, jsp, learning, library, linux, management, maven, mobile, music, mvc, mysql, netbeans, netbeans-platform, network, online, opensource, php, php5, plugin, project, python, ruby, security, server, service, social, spring, swing, system, test, testing, twitter, web, web2.0, webapp, xml
(Member Since 2016)
Observer ABK SiteHoster
(Member Since 2013)
Observer A small, fast Java ME twitter client, ABK SiteHoster, File Osculator, Jitsi, VideoShare
(Member Since 2010)
Administrator -=aCodeGen=- plug parser, get Compiler, ABK SiteHoster, Alice, Android plugin for NetBeans, Applications for Sun SPOTs, Converter For HTML Documents, Core JavaServer Faces, Embedded Web Server, ExWar, JRuby, Swing 2.0, Trident Java animation library, WebVeda - da Web O.S. java, javafx, javame, javascript, ajax, jsf, eclipse, netbeans, opensource, opensolaris, java3d
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  • Jruby
  • Rails
  • Nblogo
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