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Twitter API ME - Express Support

In order to provide a better support for developers that need prompt answers on their requests, Twitter API ME is now offering a paid support. It does NOT mean that we will no longer respond inquiries other than paid ones. Actually, we will just dedicate a bit more attention and time to those ones that require and need some urgency.

A help request can be of any kind, e.g., doubts, issues, support on programming, questions on Twitter, best pratices, coaching, how-to, etc.

Besides that, you can also request new features, since you may be needing it for your app asap. However, every new feature implemented, due to a paid feature request, will be also made available for everybody. We cannot work different, since we are still an open source project. Actually, you are just paying to have it quickly, since you cannot wait for our new features schedule.

Response Time

Any request will be responded as fast as possible. However, consider that due to a matter of timezone, we may delay a little bit, depending on part of the world you are. For your information, our timezone is UTC -03:00.


The request cost will depend on its type and complexity, which will be analyzed by our team as soon as we receive your request. When we concluded it, we will get in touch with you.

See our table of prices below:

Help Request:

Complexity Cost
Simple Just donate as much as you think we deserve
intermediate Just donate as much as you think we deserve
Advanced Just donate as much as you think we deserve

Feature Request:

Complexity Cost
Simple US$ 35
intermediate US$ 80
Advanced US$ >= 150

How to Pay

All payments (or donations) must be performed via PayPal, by clicking here. This is the same procedure as donations.


For this new support modality, we have a different e-mail address. To open a request to us, just send an e-mail to

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