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by: Bergtroll
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Posted: August 03, 2010 08:17 by chinhngt
Hi All,

I just started with Visad programming recently so quite new to everything. There is a problem that cracks my head for the last 2 days is to control the text on the 2D or 3D display.
For example I have DisplayImplJ3D displaying a 3D dataset already. I'd like to insert some sort of text or label/annotation to this display but seems it's not straight-forward to do.
Something like in this example http://www.ssec.wisc.edu/~billh/tutorial/s2/p2_01.gif
But I want to be able to control the text content so that I can manipulate what data I can put there according to the current cursor position.

Would you please kindly advise?

Thank you so much! Seems not many people use visad around, Google hardly gives me good search result ...
Posted: August 08, 2010 15:31 by Bergtroll

citet from Visad Mailing List, reply from Tom Whitacker at 05. August 2010 on 20:00

Hi --

I would suggest looking at these VisAD examples:

  • Test44.java
  • Test45.java
  • Test61.java
  • Test69.java
  • Test70.java

If you are using Jython, however, I suggest you look in the subs.py module at the "drawString()" method (plus the init() method that does the scalar mappings).

I will have to let others comment on how to tie these to the cursor position....

Hope this helps.


Posted: August 08, 2010 16:03 by Bergtroll

Hi chinhngt,

Sorry for the delayed answer, I have much work to do at the moment and therefore did not looked onto this forum since 5 days. According to your question I have to tell you, that I have not tried to place custom text on the display yet, even if I have also to do this in the future.

@Google result: I also have the feeling that you are right about VisAD is not known commonly. On the other hand I am programming a software for my diploma thesis currently using VisAD as core library, and it works perfectly well and also very performant. I use VisAD wrapped as an OSGi library bundle in my JSciVision Project, which itself is an Eclipse RCP Project. I can also tell, that it worked out of the box with the SWT_AWT Bridge.

I searched for an appropriate back end library for JSciVision for almost two years resulting in, that unless you want to use an C/C++ Library, there currently just isn't any open source Alternative to VisAD for Java. Despite that I really do not think, that VisAD is not that well known because its not mature or something. It is in fact a well designed and very well working piece of software in my opinion, implementing a lot of hints given in the literature concerning visualization topics.

I'm almost sure, the low awareness level of VisAD is only because of the original project homepage leaves the mark, that it is outdated. Unless you look deeper into it and join the mailing list you virtually do not have any chance to notice, that VisAD development is still going on.

I would bet, that some more promoting effort and increased level of interactivity for developers communication would instantly boost VisADs level of awareness and would help it to get the popularity it deserves. Therefore my first step was to create this VisAD kenai project, to provide the VisAD OSGi/Equinox bundle wrappers, making the use of VisAD for OSGi projects easy and also have a forum and a wiki available for shared communication. I am NOT going to change anything in the original VisAD library code in this project anyhow to avoid breaking the compatibility of the bundles and the original library. On the other hand I could imagine to develop additional VisAD wrapping bundles in the future, explicitly declaring extension points for VisAD core functionality, e.g. for the cell interface. To use the whole power of OSGi Service based and strongly decoupled architecture, Xml declarations for every VisAD class explicitly designed for extension will be needed. They can fortunately be provided in external bundles, leaving the VisAD library itself untouched. The earliest possibility for me to start this work will be in January 2011...

Google analytics show, that since starting the JSciVision and VisAD project here on kenai, are both having a growing rate of hits :-). I also convinced three working groups of our institute already, trying to use JSciVision for their scientific work so far, and they are pretty happy by now. (And they also started to write a wishlist already... :-). In november this year I am going to try to apply JSciVision for the Google summer of code. Furthermore I am going to show JSciVision to the Eclipse community via the market place, trying to attract some developers to it. Hopefully both actions will entail an increased awareness for VisAD as well.

Best regards, Bergtroll

Replies: 2 - Last Post: August 08, 2010 16:03
by: Bergtroll
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